Virgo Characteristics

It is believed that all of the Zodiac signs have their own negative sides and positive ones. With the symbol of the Virgin, Virgo (August 23rd – September 23rd) – the sixth sign of the Zodiac – is known to be a sensible, logical and practical sign. Besides, people who belong to Virgo are described as the trustworthy and careful people. To be ruled by Mercury, most of these people are fond of discovering many interesting things around them. In addition, with their kindness by nature, Virgos will not be hesitant to make sacrifices to those who tend to be less fortune.

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Virgo Characteristics

The positive traits

Virgo Characteristics

Thanks to their observant natures, Virgos possess the strong power of organization. In work, with the combination of the strict discipline and serious behavior, they always try their best to complete all of the entrusted tasks, even the tough ones. Virgos are too intelligent to fall into any dangerous trap. It means that they will always know the ways to stay away from the lure of money or riches in any circumstance. They prefer to earn money in a slow and honest way. As the friends, most of the Virgos are kind, friendly and loyal. It will be more wonderful if we have the same interests or hobbies as them. In general, Virgos tend to show their feelings in the practical way, rather than emotional ones. Therefore, they will take their responsibilities for their partners and families seriously.

The negative traits

Normally, Virgos rarely show their true emotions to others; thus, sometimes, this can make them seem unfriendly and cold. They have a tendency to be highly fastidious, so satisfying their demands or requirements is not an easy task. In the relationship, with their utmost caution, Virgos’ lovers can feel happy in the first period of love. However, when they are in a long term relationship, this caution itself can make their lovers annoyed and uncomfortable.

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