What Is The Virgo Personality Trait?

A general overview of the Virgo Personality Trait

With the symbol of a virgin holding a sheaf of wheat in her hands which symbolizes the wisdom and intelligence, Virgo is known as the sixth sign of the Zodiac. Like their symbol, most of the people born under this sign are timid. To be described as idealistic, Virgos often tend to seek the perfect partners in their relationships. Sometimes, this can prevent them from building the stable relationships. Due to this, they seem to be uncertain about everything around them.

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  • Dates of birth: August 22nd – September 23rd
  • The Element: Earth
  • The ruling planet: Mercury
  • The opposite sign: Pisces
  • The colors: Brown and Beige
  • The Scent: Lavender
  • Some remarkable characteristics of the sixth sign of the Zodiac – Virgo!
    what is the virgo personality traits

    The first amazing characteristic of a Virgo is independence. With this trait, he can find it easy to complete any task, even the toughest one by himself without any help. He always knows the ways to surprise other people around him through his interesting creativity and imagination.


    It is described as one of the remarkable characteristics of people born under Virgo. Normally, their minds can memorize an incredible amount of necessary information and respond to their obstacles with some valuable solutions as quick as possible. It is believed that Virgos are gifted with the special abilities to sense what others are thinking based on some expressions on their faces.


    To be ruled by the Earth sign, lots of Virgos are very practical. Everything they do will be based on the reality because they hate to deal with some unclear and abstract things. If you see your Virgo friend or lover uses his thought to concentrate on some things, it means that he tries to find some logical explanations and practical resolutions to his difficulties. At that time, let him alone until he finds the right path or decision by himself or you can make him confused and angry.

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